• A Brainchild of Dr. Ashish K. Ahuja
    A Brainchild of Dr. Ashish K. Ahuja
    Senior consultant & Head of Dept. of Ophthalmology in SANT PARMANAND HOSPITAL, DELHI
  • Well-equipped Medical facility
    Well-equipped Medical facility
    state-of- the-art diagnostics equipments and treatment facilities in Ophthalmology & Dentistry
  • Comprehensive Eye Care Services
    Comprehensive Eye Care Services
    Cornea Disorders, Contact Lenses, Cataract Removal, Oculoplasty, Refractive Surgery & more
  • Complete Dental Care Services
    Complete Dental Care Services
    Dental Implants, Braces, Root Canal Treatment (RCT), oral and maxillofacial surgeries & more
  • Expert Panel of Doctors
    Expert Panel of Doctors
    Well known Eye Surgeons and Dentists on the panel

About Us

Brainchild of Dr. Ashish K. Ahuja, senior consultant and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology in one of the oldest eye hospitals in Delhi, Ahuja Eye Centre and Dental Clinic now boasts of offering state-of- the-art diagnostics and treatment facilities in ophthalmology and dentist...

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Eye Care

Since the driving reason behind the beginning of Ahuja Eye Centre and Dental Clinic was based on offering the best ophthalmology and dentistry treatme...


Dental Care

I, Dr Bhanu Ahuja along with the team of dental experts at Ahuja Dental Clinic focus on comprehensive and expert dental care. we promise to create las...


Our team consists of an expert panel of doctors in Ophthalmology & Dentistry with a rich experience in their respective fields. The Dentistry services are headed by Dr Bhanu Ahuja, and the Ophthalmology services are headed by Dr. Ashish K. Ahuja who also heads the Opthamology Department at Sant Parmanand Hospital. The Support staff at our medical facility is also very cordial and attentive, and we spare no effort in giving proper care and attention to all the patients coming at our facility for treatment.

Dr. Ashish K Ahuja

MBBS, MS(Ophthal)

VitreoRetinaFellowship (Venu-Delhi), VitreoRetinaFellowshipST(LVPEI-HYD)Director Ophthalmology Sant Parmanand Hospital, DelhiEx Consultant—Venu Eye Institute, Delhi...

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