Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic works towards achieving the mission of providing the patients with utmost dental and orthodontic care. We understand the significance of sustaining the facial appearance and hence use the last technology in orthodontic treatment. Offering the best invisible braces in North Delhi, we are also engaged in offering customized lingual brackets and wires.

What exactly is Orthodontics?

Well, orthodontics is a the branch of dentistry which deals in correcting irregular, crooked and protruding jaws and teeth with the help of certain fixed/detachable equipment. At Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic, all our dentists qualified in orthodontics have had successfully operated hundreds and thousands of patients who’ve been bothered about protruding and irregular teeth and jaws. Irregular teeth form the main reason behind impaired speech in many people. Such individuals find it tedious to pronounce words starting from letter ‘S’, ‘P’, ‘T’ and ‘M’. Our dentists specialize in treating mal-aligned teeth for people of all age groups.

Some hidden facts about Orthodontics treatment

Patients who’re all geared up for undergoing the orthodontics treatment must be familiar with some of the lesser known facts about choosing the best braces in North Delhi. Firstly, no local anaesthesia is required for the orthodontics treatment. Also, you won’t be required to stay in the hospital. Backed by zero pain, the treatment can be availed at absolutely reasonable prices. Providing top-quality braces in North Delhi, Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic is dedicated to deliver finest Orthodontics treatment under 100% hygienic conditions.

Invisible braces are the latest in Orthodontics treatment

Considered as one of the most advanced and latest methods of straightening teeth without the use of wire and bracket, the invisible braces are loved and recommended by people dealing with mis-aligned teeth issue. One of the greatest advantages of using the invisible braces is that they are transparent and removable. That means, in addition to enhancing your facial beauty, such braces can be conveniently removed during eating, brushing or flossing sessions. Also, these braces are a lot more comfortable as compared to conventional braces.