Phaco Surgery

With an aim to zero down the cases of cataract blindness in New Delhi, Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic looks into treating cataract patients via the Phaco surgery. We fix your appointment with one of our highly experienced ophthalmologist who’ll assess and measure your eyes to finalize the best treatment for you. Considered as a stitch-free cataract surgery, Phaco-emulsification involves the breakage and removal of cataract using ultrasound waves that are imposed via a special phaco device.  A 2.5 to 2.8mm incision is utilized for performing the operation.

Here’s a look at key benefits associated with Phaco surgery:

  • No hospitalization required

Unlike the conventional cataract surgeries in India, the Phaco-emulsification cataract surgery doesn’t expect you to stay back in the hospital. This is a simple walk in-walk out surgery.

  • No restriction on normal routine activities

After undergoing the Phaco surgery for your cataract, you can conveniently move forward to perform your normal routine activities with ease. No restrictions of any kind are imposed by the ophthalmologist.

  • A painless procedure

It’s vital to make a clear note of the fact that Phaco surgery is completely painless. Plus, the procedure is implemented using topical anaesthesia (eye drops) which doesn’t involve the use of any kind of injections.

  • Faster recovery of vision within a few days

Phaco-emulsification is associated with faster recovery of vision for the cataract patient. He/she can experience an improved vision within a few days of receiving the surgery.

What’s the post-operative care required after Phaco-emulsification surgery?

As a patient who’s undergone Phaco surgery lately, you’ll be required to use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops for about 15 days. Additionally, refrain from rubbing your eyes for 20 days after the operation and if you want to take a shower, do it while protecting the operated eye. If you want to go for your favourite sports activities, you’ll be able to resume them only after 15 days of getting operated for your cataract.