Retina Surgeon

Do you notice some spots and light flashes while looking at a particular distance? If yes, then it’s time to visit a renowned retina surgeon in Delhi. At Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic, we have a team of retina surgeons who look after your detached retina in a perfect way. Since a detached retina is a serious medical ailment, taking timely measures to cure it is absolutely essential. Irrespective of the scenario under which your retina has detached from the underlying supportive tissue; we; at Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic can cure retinal detachment immediately. We ensure that the patient experiences zero pain and discomfort during the entire process.

Staying abreast with symptoms of Retinal detachment is a must

Here are some of the most common symptoms of Retinal detachment:

  • You might experience the appearance of a curtain falling in front of your eyes, followed by reduced vision
  • Floaters in the eye
  • Bright flashes of light
  • Blurred eyesight

We specialize in Diabetic Retinopathy

With diabetes being the leading cause of blindness all over the world, it is vital to pay special attention to your eyes if you’re suffering from diabetes. At Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic, we specialize in diabetic retinopathy wherein we treat the patients using a series of procedures, including Intravitreal injections, Laser photocoagulation and Vitectomy. There’s no doubt on the fact that uncontrolled diabetes can easily affect eyes, kidneys and nerves.

What all to expect from your Retinal detachment treatment?

The results of a retinal detachment treatment mainly depend on the location and extent of detachment and the time in which you sought assistance of a retina surgeon in Delhi. If macula i.e. the central part of retina has not been damaged, then you can definitely expect excellent results from your treatment, else you might have to face certain complications and/or side effects. While a majority of retinal detachments can be repaired, not all of them can turn successful.