Under this branch of dentistry, irregularities in the teeth and jaws are treated with the help of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Orthodontics specializes in protecting people’s bites (occlusion) and maximizing the effectiveness of teeth in carrying out their biting function while eating food. It also helps in creating that perfectly aligned smile which we all aspire to have a better impact on people.

Orthodontics also provides a perfect solution for the problem of crooked teeth and teeth that are not aligned together properly. By relocation of teeth and the roots holding them underneath, orthodontics can help in aligning the teeth with each other to improve appearance and bite’s effectiveness as well. It also minimizes the risk of tooth decay and the subsequent periodontal diseases that might be caused afterwards. Not to mention handling the problem of added pressure on chewing muscles which could easily lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome, and the inferiority complex that comes with flashing crooked teeth in front of others.

With Orthodontics, people can also go for braces and aligners to improve their facial appearance, which work by reshaping the jaw bone to create a perfect alignment with the upper and lower teeth. It can also help in adjusting overlapping teeth to settle in the symmetry of the shape, so that the affected persons can bid adieu to all their worries about the appearance of their teeth.

The procedures covered under this branch of dentistry include…

  • Full metal braces
  • Semi-esthetic braces
  • Full-esthetic braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Aligners