Motiabind operation

While a majority of cataracts develop due to old age, some of them even affect young children and infants. It is here that a Motiabind (Cataract) operation serves as a great sigh of relief. We; at Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic perform painless cataract surgeries via a no-injection anaesthesia wherein topical anaesthesia in the form of an eye drop is being put inside the eye in accordance to patient’s condition. Popularly termed as Phaco cataract surgery or Phacoemulsification; the procedure doesn’t involve any stitches and the patient can return home on the very same day of the surgery.

Why foldable intraocular lenses are better than non-foldable intraocular lenses?

For every Motiabind operation, the ophthalmologist may either opt for foldable or non-foldable intraocular artificial lens. Under the foldable intraocular artificial lenses, there are two main varieties viz: monofocal and multifocal lenses.  At Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic, our panel of doctors examines your eye for its shape and the cataract issue before settling down for a specific type of lens. While a monofocal IOL renders focus at only a single distance, the multifocal IOL offers you vision at varying distances. Hence, the latter type of IOL will compromise the quality of vision due to overlapping of images located at small and large distances from the viewer. Yet another point that distinguishes monofocal IOL from multifocal IOL includes the insurance cover. In other words, the monofocal IOLs are fully covered by every renowned medical insurance policy but the multifocal IOLs are considered premium and involve additional charges.

A look at possible side effects of Motiabind (cataract) operation

There’s no doubt on the fact that cataract surgery is a very safe procedure with rare side effects. Still, some people complaint of facing minor side effects that include the ones mentioned below:

  • Retina detachment
  • Bleeding
  • Loosening of new lens implant
  • A feeling of pressure/itchness inside the operated eye
  • Eye infection or minor swelling
  • Fluid buildup in the operated eye

All the above-listed side effects are believed to disappear after eight weeks of undergoing the motiabind surgery.