Teeth Whitening

Are your discoloured teeth making you lose your self-confidence? If yes, then it’s time to go for Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic- 100% professional teeth whitening services centre in North Delhi. Well, whatever is the reason behind the discolouration of your teeth, we are capable of rectifying it with our expert teeth whitening treatment. It is vital for you to know that a majority of teeth whitening products like toothpastes etc. aren’t much effective for reversing the signs of teeth discolouration. Instead, they work via removal of your enamel, thereby leading to tooth sensitivity at a later point of time.

Understanding the difference between Teeth whitening and Teeth bleaching

According to the FDA, the term “teeth whitening” refers to restoration of a tooth’s surface via removal of dust. Hence, a product that cleans this debris and dirt from the tooth are considered as teeth whiteners. At Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic, we utilize the best in-class tooth whitening products for treating tooth discolouration in people of all age groups. Zoom! Advanced is the tooth whitening product utilized by us. With Zoom! Advanced, we have been successful in bringing back the lost smile of people who used to get embarrassed due to off-white/ivory colour teeth. Coming to Teeth bleaching, it is the process of whitening the teeth beyond their original colour. Some of the products that contain bleach include carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth Whitening treatment comes with a minor and short lived side effect

Once you’re done with undergoing the teeth whitening treatment in North Delhi’s Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic, you’ll just experience a short lived side effect called sensitivity. While in some patients, the sensitivity or mild tingling might crop up during the ongoing teeth whitening process, in few other patients, the sensitivity may last for up to 24 hours. However, the latter type of dental patients can use an anti-sensitivity toothpaste for minimizing teeth sensitivity and the discomfort.