Dental Implants

As the provider of best dental implants in Shalimar Bagh, Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic has allowed people to deal with damaged and/or missing teeth. So, if you’re bothered about your facial appearance and can’t afford to compromise with the same, then getting in touch with the trained dentists at Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic is the best option. The dental implants treatment performed by us offers a fantastic foundation for the removable prosthesis that can conveniently match the natural teeth structure and functionality. The best asset of our dental implants is that they are accepted by the human body and commendably fuse with the jawbone in order to secure the foundation for replacing the damaged tooth.

A closer look at different types of dental implants

The dental implants available at Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic include the ones mentioned below:

  • Conventional Implants

This type of dental implant is suitable for anyone who’s interested in replacing a single, multiple or all the missing teeth with dental implants. The treatment is performed in two stages and in nearly two sittings within a gap of 3 to 6 months.

  • Immediate Implants

For professional dental implants in Shalimar Bagh, just trust Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic. Yet another category of dental implants available with us includes the immediate implants. Also known as one day or same day implants, the immediate implants are immediately placed after the affected tooth is being extracted. Patients with strong jaw bone are the best fit for immediate implants.

  • Immediate Loaded Implants

The immediate loaded implants are the ones wherein temporary or permanent bridges, crowns or dentures are being placed at the same time while the dental implant is being embedded in jaws. The conventional implants are being followed by immediate loaded implants. Just like the case of immediate implants, the immediate loaded implants are also custom-made for patients with superb jawbone conditions.

We; at Ahuja Eye Centre & Dental Clinic recommend any of the dental implants only after accessing the patient’s needs and dental condition via an X-ray or CT scan.